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Why is Surfing Corporate so awesome?

Because it’s made with the perfect mix of love, relatability, and intense corporate trauma.

Why aren't the women of Surfing Corporate celebrities?

We aren’t celebrities (yet) because we rejected ALL the major studio offers thrown at us, in order to pursue a more intellectual life (clearly reflected in this website).

How can I support Surfing Corporate?

Tell your friends about us, comment on our blog posts, podcast trailer, merch products, share ideas for future posts, or what you’d like to see on SC.

You REALLY want to support us? (blushing)  Sponsor us, or Invest in us. Contact us for more info.

I love Surfing Corporate and want more. How can I donate to or invest in Surfing Corporate?

So glad you asked! Since we’re in start-up mode, we’re financing this entire project ourselves. If you want us to keep providing sanity and humor for corporate employees, please consider contacting us for investment opportunities that could make you life -and that of millions of employees- better.

If you’re a corporation seeking to embrace a new way of communicating with employees and external audiences, we’d love to work with you. 

Let’s make corporate a more human and joyful experience!

Are you haters of corporate?

No. Not at all. We just like to have honest conversations and joke around a lot. (And yes, this is the proper answer to keep corporate doors open in the future, you never know).

All jokes aside, we believe that corporate con be transformed into a much more positive experience, where people are less guarded, more authentic, and less anxious.

Any advice on the Coronavirus?

Make sure your camera is off and your mic is muted when you go to the bathroom during work video conferences.

Do you consider yourselves to be an inspiration?

Clearly. Right beside Greta Thunberg, Malala, and Oprah.