Cool Gifts for Coworkers – 2022

Finding gifts for coworkers/ employees/ bosses can be a time consuming nightmare. We usually end up going for something generic (a gift card, an orchid, some sort of dessert, or maybe a car, if you’re Oprah).

At Surfing Corporate we believe that if you want to show your work peers that you actually care about them, you need to put some thought into what you gift them.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, Surfing Corporate may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication.

Here’s a list of awesome gifts you can choose from when it’s time to show some love to your work peeps.

1. You’re Weird, I Like That Candle ($23.95 at time of publication)

Perfect for that one coworker who doesn’t fit the regular corporate mold. Purchase here.

2. Novelty Memo Pads Bundle (4 Items) – ($12.99 at time of publication)

One of the most important human qualities is empathy, so show your coworker that you get their pain.

3. Cat Scratcher Laptop with Fluffy ‘Mouse’ ($31.05 at time of publication)

Is your cat stealing attention away from you during important meetings? Shift the attention back to you with this high scratch-tech laptop that comes with an aquarium desktop image and an irresistible stuffed mouse that will make your cat secretly love you (though they’ll never show it).

4. The Perfectionist Cutting Board ($24.99 at time of publication)

For people who value precision over anything else, with this gift you’ll be speaking their love language. With the perfectionist cutting board, dinner entrees will showcase impeccable cheese cubes cut in EXACTLY the same size (as God intended).

5. Unspirational 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar ($14.39 at time of publication)

For some people, positivity is overrated. For those glass-half-empty kind of coworkers, these epic”unspirational” quotes gift will make their day.

6. Hold On, Let Me Overthink this: Lined Journal Notebook ( $5.99 at time of publication)

All stressful thoughts can finally live together in this epic journal.

7. The Office Fancy Sequins Pillow ($16.99 at time of publication)

This delicate sequin-layered beauty says that not only are you a fan of The Office, but also, you are highly sophisticated when it comes to high-end décor. Give the

For that next office party, up your food game by bringing in homemade Squid Game cookies, made with love and a sprinkle of inner rage.

9. The Mandalorian’s “The Child” Bluetooth Speaker($15.99 at time of publication)

Absolutely no one can NOT love this adorable baby Yoda gift. Not even Mean Ruth from accounting.

10. Computer Whisperer, Black Mug ( $12.96 at time of publication)

Because IT workers are our unsung heroes, so show them how much you appreciate their patience with you with this gift.

11. Tech Support Checklist Helpdesk Hotline Mug ($19.99 at time of publication)

The perfect gift for that IT person you annoy the hell out of with your tech ignorance. This can possibly help them dislike you less (no promises).

12. Oh This Calls For A Spreadsheet, Funny Tumbler ($33.93 at time of publication)

For that coworker that is a little too enthusiastic about Excel.

13. Executive Assistant Blank Notebook ($6.99 at time of publication)

Recognize the heroes that keep everything running (and who know your darkest secrets).

14. Awesome Administrative Assistant Mug ($18.97 at time of publication)

Some administrative assistants just stand out from all the rest. Let me know that.

15. Large Round Charcuterie and Cheese Board Set ($59.99 at time of publication)

For the person who loves entertaining, this charcuterie and cheese board can be a total win. Add a bottle of nice wine with the gift if they are really awesome.

16. Irregular Face Decorative Flower Vase ($27.99 at time of publication)

This cool flower vase can upgrade any office space or desk. You can say it’s an original early Picasso drawing if the person doesn’t know that much about art.

17. Premium Bamboo Insulated Stainless Steel Tumblr ($34.99 at time of publication)

You can’t go wrong with this fancy tumblr. Acknowledge your colleague’s exquisite taste with this classy thermos for coffee, tea, vodka, and even gross detox beverages.

18. Dog Farts Candle ($23.95 at time of publication)

Let this exquisite blend of aromas diffuse anything else that may have unexpectedly escaped into the room, even if your dog wasn’t there.

19. Clear Bubble Backpack for Small Pets, Airline Approved ($54.99 at time of publication)

For that coworker who loves their pet more than their mother, this will be the perfect gift.

20. Human Resources Definition Mug ($18.50 at time of publication)

Gift your HR person this mug and secure come extra points with them.

21. Don’t Make Me Use My HR Voice Desk Sign ($13.95 at time of publication)

22. Vintage Happy Camper Desk Pencil Holder ($12.95 at time of publication)

A cool gift for standard-pencil holder haters. Also perfect for that coworker who won’t stop talking about their life-changing RV trip they took durfing COVID.

23. Baltique Mykonos Collection 4-Piece Cooking Utensil Set ($37.99 at time of publication)

This gift will show off your great taste when it comes to kitchen utensils.

24. You Had One Job 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar ($7.99 at time of publication)

This calendar will give you perspective by reminding you that -even on your worst day- some people suck more than you do.

25. Humble Accountant T- Shirt ($19.95 at time of publication)

Boost your accountant’s self-esteem even more.

 26. Stainless Steel Unbreakable Wineglasses  ($18.99 at time of publication)

These wine glasses are not only gorgeous and uncommon, but they are also unbreakable. Excuse me while I throw one against the wall to release some stress (and test durability).

27. Elixir Glassware Crystal Wine Glasses ($49.97 at time of publication)

If you prefer wine glasses that break, here’s an exquisite crystal collection that will bring joy -and hopefully wine- to your work pal’s life. Or just get them for yourself ’cause they’re gorgeous.

28. Adulting, a Candle Infused with Insufficient Funds ($25.00 at time of publication)

A sophisticated candle that smells like you need a raise. Perfect to ignite when your boss joins a meeting.

29. Let Me Drop Everything and Work on Your Problem Mug ($14.99 at time of publication)

30.Psycho Dog Dish Towel ($9.97 at time of publication)

You can run, but never hide from your dog. A perfect gift for that person that got a COVID-19 puppy and enjoys cooking.

31. 1000 Piece Toilet Paper Puzzle ($14.99 at time of publication)

For that pandemic toilet-paper hoarder who wants to pretend that never happened.

32. Times I Was Right And Nobody Listened: Blank Notebook  ($7.89 at time of publication)

It’s important to keep count.

33. It’s Just Mercury in Retrograde: A Journal for Banishing Celestial Chaos ($14.95 at time of publication)

There’s at least 1 person in every office that gets paralyzed during Mercury Retrograde. Help them cope with the hardships of evil astrological forces by gifting them this awesome journal.

34. In My Defense Mercury was in Retrograde T-Shirt ($19.95 at time of publication)

It’s not an excuse, it’s a cosmic fact (at least for me).

35. The Office Sunday Afternoon Puzzle (1000 Piece) ($16.85 at time of publication)

This is what you get when you blend art and work together: a masterpiece.

36. Ted Lasso Coloring Book ($7.99 at time of publication)

For the die-hard fan of this amazing show, a coloring book to express and believe, and all that wonderful sh*t this show teaches us about.

37. Slightly Depressed Table Lamp ($49.99 at time of publication)

38. WTF Is My Password: Pocket Log Book  ($5.99 at time of publication)

Give this to your coworker as a way for them to keep track of their passwords, and also, for you to have access to all of them. Wait, did we just say that out loud?

39. Being an Operation Manager is Easy ($18.99 at time of publication)

40. Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Than Us ($19.98 at time of publication)

Nothing like a little guilt trip before saying goodbye.

41. Electronic Organizer Bag ($24.99 at time of publication)

The perfect gift to help others keep their sh*t together. Or yours.

42. Laptop Bag,LIGHT FLIGHT 15.6 Inch Business Briefcase,Water-Repellent ($26.99 at time of publication)

43. Novelty Gift Bags ($8.99 at time of publication)

The best gift is the gift of honesty. And an actual gift.