SURFING CORPORATE: Surviving the Savage Workplace Waters

Surfing the Corporate World isn’t easy. Like the ocean, corporate can be beautiful, alluring and shiny, but… it can also have loads if gross green algae, tidal waves, and multiple creatures that can shred you to pieces. The worst part is that there’s no manual to tell you what to expect, how to face the everyday hardships, or how to stay afloat.  UNTIL NOW. 


Surfing Corporate is an all-new guide for corporate survival. Inspired by true-life bizarre/tragic/hilarious office experiences, Surfing Corporate presents a bullshit-free look at the insane dynamics of Corporate America. It also provides invaluable strategies for avoiding the impact zone of everyday hardships, frustrations, and soul-sucking politics in the workplace.


This not a fluffy blog that throws around words like “self-empowerment,” or “be your true self.” F*ck that. Here, we talk about the real issues people face in the workplace: we divulge critical insights into how to decipher the secret codes of corporate emails, and we provide tips to masterfully impress a new boss and charm threatening executive assistants, all while dodging judgmental consultants who are lurking in the hallways.

First-Hand Experience

This never-shared-before compendium of wisdom is based on my 20+ years in the Corporate World, where I navigated every painful step from the bottom to the top. I went from Creative Producer to Senior Vice President.  Naturally gifted in creativity rather than political/corporate skills, I was bestowed the superpower to see humor in uncomfortable situations and the ability to laugh at my own multiple shortcomings. Like a survivor who lived to tell the tale, I now share my knowledge to help you cruise through the treacherous riptides.

Real-Life Corporate Survival Stories

Surfing Corporate shares true stories of real people who have been there, done that: people who have surfed like pros, others who have experienced massive wipeouts, and everything in between. It’s a community to vent, laugh, and share the ups and downs of this very particular environment called Corporate. 

We hope you join us for the ride, and if there are any topics you think we should cover, please write to us with your suggestions!

Aileen A. MercielCorporate Survivor & Founder of Surfing Corporate